[INFOS] Yonghwa’s compositions

Yonghwa is well-known for his genius composition’s skill. Lately, he has offered a song for the first girls group of his agency AOA, Love is Only You. Just before, he did the same for solo singer Juniel.

These are some great songs Yonghwa have composed or for which he participated in lyrics or music.

AOA- Love is Only You (Music and lyrics)

CN BLUE- Just Please (Music and lyrics)

Juniel/ Yonghwa – Stupid (composed and produced by him)

CN BLUE- Love Light (Music and Lyrics)

Yonghwa admitted he composed this song thinking of his wife, SeoHyun.

CN BLUE- Imagine (lyrics participation)

CN BLUE- Still in Love (Music and Lyrics)

He composed this song after WGM. Some people like netizen and idols like Super Junior Ryewook think he wrote it thinking of Seohyun.

CN BLUE- Man in front of the Mirror (Lyrics by himself and Music with RYO)

CN BLUE- Try again, Smile again (Music and Lyrics)

Heartstrings OST- Because I Miss You (Music)

CN BLUE-  I don’t know why (Music and Lyrics)

WGM- YONGSEO Banmal Song (Music and Lyrics)

Song composed with Seohyun during their married life.

Sources: youtube, WGMers, http://cnblackyong.tumblr.com

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