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Since the release of their 3rd mini album, Ear Fun,  CNBLUE has once again provided catchy, toe- tapping songs to dance and sing along to. Hit songs in the mini album like ‘Hey You’ have been gaining hot popularity internationally. In addition to producing hit after hit, these 4 men have also been show casing their other talents outside of the music industry. In a recent magazine feature, the group showed their charismatic personalities and opened up about the experiences of their recent music and budding acting careers.

It is well known that the members of CNBLUE have begun to take on more and more acting roles in hit dramas like “Heartstrings”, “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, and “My Husband’s got a Family”. Recently in an episode of “Strong Heart”, CNBLUE leader Jung Yonghwa accidentally slipped about an embarrassing moment during the production of the drama, “Heartstrings”. He blushes as he recalls in the interview what happened in a kissing scene with actress, So Yi Hyun. Hoping that his emotions would be well captured on film, Jung Yonghwa wanted to portray the character to the best of his extent. “Before the scene, I would practice kissing on a doll and make sure it would work with various camera angles.” Unfortunately, being a relatively new actor at the time, he didn’t know that the director would film at angles where it would only seem like the two were kissing without actually making contact. “Since I didn’t know about that fact, I put my all into the scene and leaned in to kiss her when suddenly the director yelled ‘CUT!’. At that time even she (So Yi Hyun) was surprised and asked ’What are you doing?’ I was so embarrassed.”
Meanwhile, Lee Jonghyun has been getting high praises for his captivating acting skills as “ Collin” in “A Gentleman’s Dignity”, while Kang Minhyuk’s character in” My Husband’s Got a Family” is gaining popularity amongst viewers. While on the set of “My Husband’s Got a Family”, Minhyuk was able to show his generous and caring side by purchasing windbreakers for all the staff members on set with his own personal money. He was overjoyed from the gratitude he received from the staff members.
In the discussion of the members’ recent situations and projects, Lee Jungshin expresses his current frustration. “ I don’t know why, but since we’ve debuted 2 years ago I’m still growing taller!” He complains that he is about 190 cm (6’ 3’’) and still growing, while fans and netizens respond that height of his caliber is desired by the whole male population! At this point Jungshin is torn and “doesn’t know whether to cry or to laugh” at the whole situation.
CNBLUE spent the last one and a half years immersed in overseas activities. Yonghwa commented that in at this moment, time flew by really fast. Since they haven’t been in the Korean spotlight for a while (such that they haven’t produced a new album in Korea), the group is putting their all into their comeback. During the debut of “Ear Fun” in March the music competition was fierce, but CNBLUE was able to pull through. Jonghyun humbly stated that “For those who are considered our competition (during their activities in Japan), we try not to see them as a rival, but rather try to work with each other instead. That way, we are able to learn different things from one another.”
In the midst of creating this mini album, Jonghyun stated that the idea was to go in a different direction than before, but in the end they decided to keep the music similar to past albums. The album is mainly composed of more upbeat and energetic songs that definitely caught on with fans. The group’s goal for the mini album was to “want people to hear it and be in a better mood … and hope that fans can sing along to the music and constantly spread the joy.” It would be safe to say that their goal was achieved. Listening to their album amid daily routine, fans find their heads bobbing to CNBLUE tunes while mouthing the lyrics.
The group has grown in many different aspects since their debut. Yonghwa credited the music from the k-pop influence in Korea and the underground music scene in Japan that benefitted the group and allowed them to progress and constantly grow. Both Jonghyun and Yonghwa reflected how far the group has come by comparing their debut days to where they are today and are appreciative of how things are now. All four have developed and grown in their own way. When asked to describe themselves in one sentence, each member have their own distinct reflections. Yonghwa describes himself as a chameleon who is able to have many different appearances. Jonghyun hopes that he is being an ideal man while Minhyuk comments that he constantly health conscious and over thinks things. As the youngest of the group, Jungshin views himself as the lighthearted member that brings laughter to everyone.
Even though the band is hardworking and famous, that doesn’t affect their cheerful personality and the fact that they are like the rest of us who can’t leave the house without our electronics. The group has always had a playful and humorous side to them. When asked to describe what animal each member was like when performing on stage. Minhyuk comments that Yonghwa is said to be like a monkey since he constantly runs around the stage and “they aren’t sure if he will come back. if he runs to the other side of the stage.”
Jonghyun is described to be like a turtle due to his shrugging action while he plays the guitar and performs. Jungshin is compared to a cow due to his long limbs and how he stands on the stage resembles that of a cow. Finally Minhyuk is viewed as a baby bird because his swaying neck on stage looks like that of a baby bird waiting to be fed by its mother. It is good to see that even with the serious dedication to their careers, these four get along and are able to wholeheartedly joke around like actual brothers.
It is clear that all the members of CNBLUE are not just musically talented but also starting to shine in the acting world. Although they are constantly immersed in various projects, they are still humble, charismatic, and overall cheerful. Their perky personalities and dedication are shown in their new upbeat mini album Ear Fun. The next thing on their list is to come out with more albums and concerts and hopefully promote more in Korea. On that note, surely, fans everywhere will be waiting in anticipation and excitement for the next CNBLUE production.

Photo/Magazine Scans by: Jenna @CNBStorm
Article Summary written by: CeeLy @CNBStorm
Edited by: D @CNBstorm

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