[NEWS] Oh Yeon Seo, “I considered retirement from entertainment industry”

Oh Yeon Seo shared that she had once made a decision to leave her career as an actress.

Oh Yeon Seo appeared on the October 16th installment of SBS’s ‘Strong Heart‘ and she shared in all honesty,“Many things have changed appearing in ‘You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly‘ (aka, ‘Unexpected You‘, ‘My Husband Got a Family‘). I became more popular and I made a lot of money too.

Oh Yeon Seo had debuted as a singer at first and she shared, “The singing career didn’t go well so the manager oppa said ‘You should go home now.’ Then I was accepted to Anyang Arts High School so I became an actress.

Oh Yeon Seo revealed, “Then I started acting but it wasn’t working out well. My real name is Oh Haet Nim and I even changed my name to Yeon Seo but the effects of the name change didn’t last.” Then Oh Yeon Seo continued, “This year, it was exactly 10 years since debut. I had made up my mind to quit the career as actress if it didn’t work out this year.

Oh Yeon Seo also shared a story behind the audition for the role of Mal Suk on ‘You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly’ saying, “Idol singers were also at the audition for Mal Suk. When I met the director, I really thought of it as the last chance and hung on to get the role of Mal Suk.”

Oh Yeon Seo said, “I’m really happy because ‘You Who Rolled in Unexpectedly’ did well. But I work even harder because I’m nervous that this all might be a dream.

Image: ‘Strong Heart’

Source: Xports News via Nate : kpopfever


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