[NEWS] Mnet will air exclusive ‘Confession of T-ara’ on the 20th

Mnet has released a preview for ‘Confession of T-ara‘ that will be aired on the 20th.

The program’s preview does not show what kind of a show it will be, and no other information has been released except that it will be aired on the 20th at 2PM KST. It appears it will be a special documentary and in the preview, viewers were shown the backstage of their recent Southeast Asia tour. The T-ara members also start to talk frankly about their emotions. Hyomin, for example, starts to say, “If I’m being honest…” but bursts into tears, unable to continue. Eunjung smiles sadly as she says, “What should we do to be better from now on?“.

There are other scenes where the members are sitting together, and Hyomin says, “Ah, this isn’t why we came together..“. In response, Qri is hanging her head somberly. The caption hints at ‘Their honest story‘, causing viewers to wonder if the members might have talked about Hwayoung‘s leave from the group.

This video offers haters new opportunity to heap criticism on T-ara‘s members. Even seing it, they already accuse girls of faking feelings and crying too much.

T-ara’s confession preview

Source & Image: Sports Chosun via Nate, allkpop

Tip: Victor

Let’s support Eunjung‘s group ! Please wait airing before judging.


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