[NEWS] Leeteuk says goodbye little by little…

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk will join the army at the end of the month. Several weeks ago, he started to share his thoughts about his departure.The last 21st of October, he talked about his love for ELF after holding his last fan meeting during Super Junior‘s seventh anniversary party at the Korea University gymnasium.

He wrote, “Although it was a party held a bit in advance of our seventh anniversary, I had so, so much fun with everyone. I think it was a lot more fun because I worked hand in hand with the fanclub director nuna and really participated in the process.” He continued, “Although I won’t be with you guys for our eighth anniversary, I’ll be with everyone for our ninth. It sounds very short thinking about it like this, right? This was an opportunity for me to feel once again how crazily in love we are with each other. Elf. I respect and love you. Let’s last a long time together.”

LeeTeuk, who decided earlier to find a girlfriend before he left and marry her after 5 years, changes his mind. In a recent interview to High Cut magazine, he said: “I did try to find a girlfriend. I heard letters from your girlfriend really cheer you up in the training camp, but everyone in the end concluded, ′But you′re going to the army.′ I think I′ll have to try again after my release.”

The singer is currently doing his goodbye one after the other to his friends, fans and program. His departure for the army is getting closer as his day count shows it.  Today, he simply wrote “D-9…“. Oppa really seems sad to leave Super Junior and ELF, even if he is aware to do his duty.

Source: allkpop, enewsworld


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