[NEWS] UEE once again involves in a jealousy issue of a WGM couple?

It seems that After School‘s UEE is really popular among We Got Married‘s husbands.

On the last episode of Sunhee couple, Kwanghee and Sunwha had a talk about first love.This conversation started while Kwanghee quoted as famous maxim “A man’s first love follows him to the grave.”. Even though it was obvious for the viewers that Kwanghee put Sunhwa out, this last didn’t notice it after all.

So he continued, “Does that mean I have to go with UEE?“. Sunhwa snapped back, “I guess I have to go with Siwan oppa, then.

UEE was already involved in a jealousy issue because of Lee Jang Woo. During MBC‘s strike, she was the first to congratulate him for his birthday. As Eunjung couldn’t meet him without the production team, she wasn’t able to do it at the time. UEE participated in first season of WGM as Park JaeJung‘s wife.

Source: allkpop


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