[POLLS] KHUNTORIA keeps the lead one day before closing !

As you know the first WGMFacts poll about WGMers favourite couple started at the beginning of the month on our Fancafé and WordPress.

Since then, three couples take the lead one after the other: Khuntoria, Teukso and Yongseo. But for a week, Khuntoria seems to being the real leader.

Today, Victoria and Nichkhun take flight with more than 48% of your vote. In second place, LeeTeuk and Sora have 31% of your vote. Yongwha and Seohyun is behind with 18%. The other couples are far away, they even reach 1%.

But as you know, nothing is impossible because it is a NO LIMIT VOTE. Tomorrow is the LAST DAY for VOTING so keep faith and do your best for your bias. Each couple still have a chance to be the first!

Make a difference by voting on our Fancafé or WordPress.

The results is now hide to our WGMers and they will be announced on our FIRST YEAR ANNIVERSARY on 7th of November.


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