[NEWS] Ga In’s mother wanted her to be partnered up with Boom for ‘We Got Married’

On the latest episode of Strong Heart, Ga In revealed that her mother wanted Boom to be her ‘We Got Married‘ partner.

The Brown Eyed Girls member had received much love for her appearance on the variety show with Jo Kwon, but she revealed that her original partner was supposed to be Boom. She confessed, “At first, I thought it would be Boom or Nichkhun. I thought about it a lot. My mom said she really wanted me to be with Boom.

When comparing Nichkhun and Boom the MC’s replied, “It was either the best or the worst“, which made everyone on the set laugh.

During this episode, GaIn explained too that Brown Eyed Girls success is due to… Feng Shui ! She shared “My parents are into Feng shui, and they were [not happy] with the location of our group’s first dorm. And true to their thoughts, we did not get good results for the year we lived there.

She continued, “After they asked the head of the agency to move our dorm, we came back with ‘Abracadabra‘, which was a huge hit. Another girl group that lived in our first neighborhood became world famous after they moved,” which surprised the studio.

cr allkpop

Can you imagine if our Adam couple were GaIn and Boom?


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