[NEWS] Lee Yoon Ji convinced her agency to appear in We Got Married by a presentation and report

Actress Lee Yoon Ji recently surprised everyone as she shared that she had to persuade her agency to participate in ‘We Got Married.’

On the October 23rd broadcast of SBS’sStrong Heart‘ Lee Yoon Ji  appeared as guests for her new drama ‘The Great Seer‘.  She explained that she is “very active and passionate” with her work. She added she is “the one who first wanted to join ‘Entertainment Weekly‘ and ‘We Got Married‘.’

In the first season of MBC‘s program We Got Married, Lee Yoon Ji appeared as Super Junior‘s Kangin wife during 7 episodes. But initially, her agency opposing the idea on her appearance in the program. Lee Yoon Ji said, “My company told me not to appear on ‘We Got Married.’  So I wrote a report and presented it to the head of my agency.”

She went on by saying, “In my report I wrote in detail the broadcast times, the filming days, the program format, the benefits that the couples gained from filming and broke it all down and made a presentation. I even shared the number of commercials that the couples filmed.” After this, her agency saw her passion and knew that they could not stop her and allowed her to appear on the program.

You can rewatch Kanji episodes on our site.

Source: allkpop


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