[INFOS] Ga In leaves a message for her fans via official Facebook page

Brown Eyed GirlsGa In has left a message for her fans on her official Facebook page.

On October 29th, Ga In uploaded a new photo of herself along with a message to her fans, writing:

“{From. Ga In}

Hello. This is Ga In.
I’m not good at adapting to SNS (Social Networking Sites)… So Facebook… This, where is this? Keke.
Please understand my personal preference for I find these complicating. Keke. However, although it may not be often, I’ll make sure to post messages from time to time ^^.
Anyways, the promotions for “Bloom” has ended.
We were initially planning on promoting for about a month, but time has gone by much quicker than thought.
I actually prefer to leave when there are disappointments and applause. Keke.
You guys didn’t even get my hint of “push and pull” on music programs. Hmph!
And you all misunderstood thinking I’m stopping my promotions because of the film ㅡㅠ.
Anyways, I had so much fun learning a lot of new things during this short period of promotions, so I’m very happy.
I’ll return with a more developed image, so don’t leave me and please wait [for my return]!! Hehe.
Please give lots of love to both BEG’s Ga In and just Ga In ♥.

I love you all, too. ^_^”

Ga In successfully concluded four weeks of promotions for “Bloom” from her 2nd solo album ‘Talk About S‘. The singer will now be focusing in filming her upcoming movie, ‘The Joseon Beautiful Three Musketeers‘, which is scheduled to hit theaters next year.

Source: Ga In’s Official Facebook

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