[NEWS]Super Junior’s Leeteuk Bids His Final Farewell to His Fans and Members

Today is a sad day for many fans in Korea as three celebrities have enlisted into the military. One of them is Super Junior‘s leader, Leeteuk.

The fans already waited for him since the dawn. They camped out and also hang many various of banners.

Super Junior′s leader Leeteuk finally stood before his fans and members of the media, who had been waiting at the army base in Uijeongbu since early this morning, to say his final farewell before officially beginning his mandatory military service today.

Leeteuk greet the press and swarm of fans at Uijeongbu′s 306 Reserve Batallion on October 30, where he will be recieving basic military training before serving on active duty.

He was walking and greet the fans calmly without shed any tears, and also smiling brightly. He asked the fans to wait for him, and he will comeback as real man.

His fellow member, KangIn, said, “Two years ago, you waited for me, now, i will wait for you.. come back safely Hyung…

With his hat, covered his new hair cut

Shy with his new hair cut

With Super Junior‘s members

Gives Salute to Fans

Bows on the ground before enter the army base

All fans repond him with, “we will wait you Oppa“, “I love you Oppa“, “dont go Oppa“.





note: the rest of pictures can be downloaded here


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