[NEWS] MBLAQ’s Joon surprises Oh Yeon Seo on Radio Star MBC

MBLAQ’s Joon recently made a surprise guest appearance on MBC TV’s Radio Star.

On the episode of MBC TV’s Golden Fishery – Radio Star, Oh Yeon Seo appeared as a guest. She was asked, “What’s your ideal type?” and she said, “Joon.” At this, host Super Junior’s Kyuhyun asked her, “What does Joon mean to you?” and Oh said, “He’s like vitamin to me.”

At the moment, Joon suddenly appeared on the studio and gave Oh a hug from behind. At the surprise guest appearance of Joon, Oh smiled brightly and blushed. Joon appeared in a dinosaur costume that Oh gave him as a gift.

Hosts asked Joon, “Why are you here?” and Joon said, “I like MBC. Radio Star helped me a lot. I also did well when I appeared on this show as a guest.”

Hosts also said, “Oh Yeon Seo complained that you don’t touch her much,” and Joon said, “I was surprised at myself when I gave her a sudden hug from behind just a while ago.”

credit: .korea.com


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