[NEWS] Sunhwa wants to film a bed scene with Julien Kang?

SECRET‘s Sunhwa surprised viewers by revealing that she would like to film a bed scene with Yoon Se Ah‘s on-screen husband, Julien Kang.

The three wives of ‘We Got Married‘ were guests on the November 7th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Radio Star‘ where they discussed various topics and even made surprising confessions.

On the topic of SECRET’s latest comeback, Sunhwa expressed her disappointment in having to modify the group’s choreography for “Poison“. “It’s the hottest part of the performance, so we feel disappointed when we’re unable to do it on stage.”

Sunhwa then revealed, “I have watched Ga In‘s music video for ‘Bloom‘ and I actually want to have a bed scene like what she did in her music video. I want to test [my acting skills] to see whether or not I can pull off a bed scene like that one.”

When asked who she would like to have a bed scene with, Sunhwa answered, “It can’t be withKwanghee. If I’m going to do it, I’d rather do it with Julien Kang oppa, who has a nice body,” breaking the set into laughter with her frank confession.

cr: allkpop


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