[INFOS] Leeteuk voted as the most wanted son-in-law !

On the winter special episode of MBC Music’s ‘All the K-POP‘ broadcasted on December 14, there was an interesting survey of 100 housewives who live in Seoul about ‘Which member of Super Junior would you least want as a son-in-law?”. 


This part was cut from the special on Lee Teuk’s entrance into the military because it went over the time limit. The result was that ‘Universe Star’ Kim Hee Chul won first place. The reasons were, “His pretty face would make many women fall for him”, “He looks like he would cheat a lot” and these were many other reasons why they felt that Hee Chul’s outstanding looks would not make him a suitable son-in-law.

Lee Teuk responded to this result, Heechul has a peculiar charm. He has the fatal charm that when he falls into something, he cannot escape it. I think that I would have a hard time with him if I were a woman” and made everyone laugh. Folowing the ranking was Yesung at #2 and Siwon at #3. Lee Teuk was last place and won the honor of being the most wanted son-in-law.

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