[PICTURE] MBLAQ to model for Sport’s brand LECAF

Sports brand LECAF has chosen MBLAQ to model their products for 2013.


Every year, LECAF puts out a new line of backpacks for middle school and high school students for the new school year. This year, MBLAQ has been chosen not only to model the backpacks, but also shoes and clothing items for LECAF as well.

LECAF revealed that they chose MBLAQ because their bright, healthy image as well as their love for sports fit LECAF’s image perfectly. They also expressed that MBLAQ’s modesty as well as their community service made them good role models for students. MBLAQ recently participated in a photoshoot for the 2013 LECAF line, and will be active in LECAF’s online and offline marketing.

LECAF will provide an MBLAQ poster for anyone who buys items from the line in January and February, and will also hold nationwide autograph events.

Tip: MissLenis

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