[PICTURE] 2012 MBC Entertainment Awards – Kang Sora

sstv.hankyung imbc4 imbc3
newsen1 newdaily1 StarN1 TVDaily2mydaily1 TVDaily1 ARTNEWS1 sportsseoul1 newsen2 sportsseoul2 STARNEWS1 TVREPORT1 sportsseoul3 ARTNEWS2 mydaily2 mydaily3 hankooki1 obsnews1 sportsseoul4 sportsseoul5 newsen3 obsnews4 imbc7 obsnews2 mydaily4 newdaily2 hankooki3 imbc6 TVREPORT3 TVREPORT2 TVDaily3 sportsseoul6 sports.chosun1 newsen4 mydaily5 imbc8 etoday1 joynews2 obsnews3 hankooki2 ARTNEWS3 etoday2 sports.chosun2 etoday3 sports.chosun3
Credit: as tag


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