[NEWS] Girls’ Generation’s ‘I Got A Boy’ highly complimented in the US

After making a splash with its record-breaking comeback album ‘I Got A Boy’, Girls’ Generation has been drawing attention not only in Korea but in international market as well, receiving high compliments from foreign presses.


Girls’ Generation released their new album ‘I Got A Boy’ on January 1st, and a number of presses in the US, including MTV, Billboard and Popdust, highly complimented their new album.

Billboard reported a review titled “Girls’ Generation, ‘I Got A Boy’: Track-By-Track Review”, which said, “It is a high-quality album that is composed of progressive EDM (electronic dance music), classic modern R&B, and new wave sound of 1980s. The album will satisfy a great number of popular music fans.

It also praised the group’s title song as “one of the most-forward thinking lead pop singles heard in any country” and that “with this title track, Girls’ Generation just set the bar truly high for pop in 2013.”

MTV also mentioned that “the entire thing is a fashion whirlwind so jam-packed with rad clothes (many of which are available to score yourselves), it’s pretty much impossible to watch it just once,” while Popdust reported, “Girls’ Generation received the title of the most innovative group.

cr dkpopnews

And you, what do you think about this new song? Check out the MV below :


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