[NEWS] Jo Kwon talks about GaIn and We Got Married: “We are still close till this day.”

Jo Kwon recently sat down for an interview with fashion magazine @star1, where he talked about love, marriage and much more.

On the topic of “We Got Married,” which has been in a controversy after Lee Joon and Oh Yeon Seo‘s virtual marriage was in doubt, when dating rumors of the actress and actor Lee Jang Woo came out.

The singer said, “When I was in the show, I wanted people to know that celebrities are just like other people. I wanted them to know that we can can date, just like non-celebrities. I think you need to be honest, so the public can relate to you.”

Jo Kwon starred in the program back in 2009-2011 with Brown Eyed Girl‘s Ga In. “Adam Couple” which was their nickname, became one of the most popular and beloved couples in the show’s history.

He added, “When I was with Ga In, I really believed I was dating her. I really thought we were married. So I wasn’t acting. We are still close till this day.

More of the interview can be found in the February issue of @star1 magazine, which was out in January 21st.

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