[UPDATES] Khuntoria in “Their” Eyes!

Khuntoria is a perfect match couple?? Are u guys agree with me?? ~ Lets check what did celebrities and fans talk about them :))~Image


“It’s cute to see that even major media outlets have begun quite the fan of the ‘Khuntoria’ couple”

“It’s cute how Nichkhun is so concerned for his wife”

“any sort of affection between the Khuntoria couple is always adorable!”

“Thanks for all the memories to the lovable Khuntoria couple!”

” *Khuntoria* Love is contagious”


“Most jealous about the fact that most couples spend money when they go on dates, but this couple earns money doing it.”

Reporter on Music Bank

“Nichkhun was pleasantly surprised, and the two (khuntoria) of them had a good time together”

Representative of SevenAdieu

“Victoria and Nichkhun, who have a couple of similarities, foreigners but they still became stars”

“They *Khuntoria* look innocent and unassuming as well.”


 “Candidates idol will get married soon is Victoria…(We’re talking to you, Nichkhun.)”


“We thank ‘Khuntoria’ for their heartfelt gift.”

 “This is what we called love”


 “This is what we called love” kim na young

“Please u two *Khuntoria*, get married soon>.<” Misun

“loveable Khuntoria couple…” KIM JUNG MIN


“Are u married w/ Victoria??” SiwonChoi *then hugged Nichkhun*

*look Khuntoria skinship* “Why am I more happy?” Jo Kwon

Hahm Eun jung said jealous over Khuntoria because Nichkhun manner who was treat victoria step by step 🙂

“U guys look good together… Im Jealous!” Eun Hyuk

“truthfully watching Khuntoria, after a day filming, no matter what they feel a little regretful for leaving” Gain

 “Fantastic couple” PD Cabi

“Im such a big fan of Khuntoria, I wished Khun could actually date Victoria” Yoon Soonah

2PM Family

“I’m happy of *Khuntoria* WGM, Nichkhun wanted to do it w/ Victoria-ssi” seominjae – Khun’s Manager

“Its good to see u guys together” JUN. K

“Keep your love forever” Taec yeon

“IM JEALOUS!!!” Wooyoung

 “love and support each other to very end” Junho

“U guys are so beautiful couple” Chansung

F(X) Family

“Vic umma looks happy *being together with Khun appa*” Krystal

“Khuntoria look good together” Sulli

“Nichkhun oppa treats Vic unni as if he is her real boyfriend” Luna

Nichkhun Family

“Her way *when cook* is pretty well” Khun’s aunty

“U both are too real!” Khun’s Grandmom

“Im not prepare as a *khuntoria’s child future* uncle yet:b” Chan-Khun’s brother

Yanin said that their family like Victoria.

“Khuntoria look like a real couple.” Khun’s Mom


Khuntoria Fans Letter for and from UNICEF

“Hello! We, as the Nichkhun♥Victoria couple’s official Naver fan cafe [Khuntoria], would like to make a donation to UNICEF to commemorate the 300th day anniversary of the Nichkhun and Victoria couple from MBC’s “We Got Married.” Both the guy and the girl, who are from foreign countries, have met in Korea in the name of ‘destiny’. In addition, it has been 300 days since their entwined destiny began. Cherishing the destiny, here, the couple has become a happy virus – spreading happiness, joy, and smiles to many people. To cheer them on, many people have come together under the name of ‘Khuntoria’, and even today, many have cometogether to create a memorable fate. We thinkthat the further the love from one heart to anotheris spread, the more it can show its true value andbrightness. With the heart of blessing, to celebrate the couple’s first 300th day together, we, too send our love. More than today, tomorrow, and more than tomorrow, the day after…We hope that more and more happiness is gathered as the days pass by”

That’s all ~ Gonna update later 😀

Febi – WGMFacts





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