[NEWS] Julien Kang warms Yoon Se Ah’s heart with a sweet homemade gift

Julien Kang gave Yoon Se Ah a warm feeling of happiness with a sweet homemade gift on ‘We Got Married‘.


On the February 9th Lunar New Year episode, Julien Kang presented the actress with ginger tea he made himself. Yoon Se Ah explained, “We talked a few days ago, and I guess he was worried because I was sick with a cold.”

She went on, “He gave me homemade ginger tea, and he also gave me a scarf. Not only me, but he gave [the staff on set] scarves too. He said he didn’t want people to know he was giving the gifts, so he gave them in secret. I was very thankful and touched.”

Julien Kang stated, “I made the ginger tea. It was my first time. The weather is cold these days, and she’s filming outside every day. I think the most important thing is to keep her warm. I hope she realizes this is a gift from the heart.”

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