[PICTURE] Sora Birthday – Mango tree donation from TSW, TSL, TSF

2013/02/17 KST 2pm – TSW, TSL, TSF mango tree wreath deliver to Kang Sora birthday fans meeting place’s entrance
http://lohas62.blog.me/150159895948 (from Dreame)
IMG_5647This mango tree wreath from TSW (TeukSora Worldwide)
Orginial ribbons’ message:

(Middle large Banner)
Middle: 黑心 (撲克牌) Princess Kang Sora 黑心 (撲克牌)
Left: 20130218 Happy birthday! Be happy and health!
Right: We always with you! Aja! Fighting! from TSW

(Left mango wreath – Angel Sora)
Left: 黑心 (撲克牌) Friendly Kang Sora 黑心 (撲克牌)
Right: You are our sun shine!

(Right mango wreath – Magical Sora)
Left: 黑心 (撲克牌) Variety Kang Sora 黑心 (撲克牌)
Right: You are fashion guide!

This mango tree wreath from TSL (Teuk Sora Lovers)

TS Family
This mango tree wreath from TSF (TS Family)
Special thanks to Dreame
TSL Jessie and TeukSoraLovely
All collectors – Maggie, Hele, Natali, Miho, Peishi, Monmon, Mieru, Dorothy, Dale, Toon
All participant
[TSW donation – Name List]
Placard’s name Country / City Amount
Doradido Canada USD77
洋芋China RMB97
冰冰China RMB194
小六China RMB97
HeleChui Hong Kong USD14.4
Joanne Hong Kong HKD245
siumingming Hong Kong HKD242
lazyme2day Hong Kong HKD242
Hanyi Hong Kong HKD121
Kytei Kan Hong Kong HKD242
@KSora_IFC Indonesia USD25.05
Meridian Suci Indonesia IDR300.000
monika fanis Indonesia IDR300.000
kirane Indonesia IDR306.000
Anis Wilujeng Indonesia IDR155.000
@dilarizn Indonesia IDR150.000
Huey Indonesia IDR150.000
fprawira Indonesia SGD50
Miho Japan USD30.6
Sachiko Japan JPY1,500
kinu Japan JPY1,500
taketeuk2012 Japan JPY3,000
sachi Japan JPY1,500
nisuke Japan JPY1,500
fans from Japan Japan USD15.55
Erika Japan JPY1,500
PeiShi Malaysia USD14.5
Wai Ling Malaysia RM200
Koh Su Zhen Malaysia RM50
Noonateha Malaysia RM47
aaaoi Macau HKD242
Shirleen Singapore SGD50
luvallkorea Singapore SGD20
Anon Singapore SGD20
Nicky Philippine PhP320
teuksolove Philippine PhP500
monmon16 Philippine PhP1000
@josan_12 Philippine PhP700
wayland_clary Philippine PhP300
Anonymous South Africa USD20
Cakeworker Taiwan USD14.85
LING Taiwan NT1,365
Lenawang Taiwan NT455
MandyPan Taiwan NT910
StacyPark Taiwan NT455
lynnli Taiwan NT455
11點18分Taiwan NT455
jessica chu Taiwan NT910
Lily Kuo Taiwan NT455
@alvingoodgirl Taiwan NT455
DCLover10045 Thailand USD62
Dorothy USA USD107.5
0timelost USA USD155.50
bannerTSW Sora_wallpaper5_(Angel_version)
TSW A4 poster1
Sora wallpaper3
TSW A4 poster2
All fanart with ribbon messages made by TSW admin HeleChui


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