[NEWS] Kang Sora’s kiss scene photos with Lee Je Hoon in ‘My Paparotti’ revealed


Upcoming South Korean film ‘My Paparotti’ has revealed photos of Kang Sora’s kiss scene photos with Lee Je Hoon on March 8th, to build up anticipation among fans.

‘My Paparotti’ talks of a young man named Jang Ho (Lee Je Hoon) who has a talented voice, but is now a gang member because of his poor family background. The story begins when he meets Sang Jin (Han Suk Kyu), who was previously a well-regarded vocal performer in Italy, but is now just a haggard and cynical music teacher at a local high school in a small city.

In the revealed photos, Sook Hee (Kang Sora) passionately takes the initiative to get close to the rough but innocent high school punk Jang Ho. Sook Hee is seen shutting her eyes, and leaning forward without fear towards the blockhead Jang Ho who still oozes masculine charisma as a man from Gyeongsang Province. With so much adorable charisma being shown from the two on the screen, the scene feels extra refreshing.

The photos also displays Sook Hee’s curiosity towards Jang Ho despite everyone looking at him as a punk from top to bottom, while the former also launches a love offensive on him. In another photo, it shows Lee Je Hoon’s happy side despite being caught off guard by Sook Hee’s love offensive. Meanwhile, as Jang Ho trains his vocals, Sook Hee is seen by his side, holding an umbrella to shield him from the sun. This perfectly displays the personality of Sook Hee who is willing to be by Jang Ho’s side, to encourage and support him in his dreams to become a vocal performer, and adds much colour to the film.

Kang Sora expressed, “Although my role is still a high school student like my previous film ‘SUNNY’, but it’s different as I am paired up with Lee Je Hoon this time. It was really interesting and meaningful to have romantic scenes,” revealing her thoughts on working with Lee Je Hoon.

The film is set against the refreshing nature backdrop of a school in the countryside, and with Lee Je Hoon and Kang Sora’s portrayal of their characters to perfection, it is likely to bring much laughter to viewers, and find huge popularity quickly.

Besides Han Suk Kyu, Lee Je Hoon, and Kang Sora, the film also stars Cho Jin Woong and Oh Dal Su. The rich and inspiring film will hit cinemas nationwide from March 14th.

By: Lee Zhao Tam

Thanks to http://kangsora.wordpress.com/


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